This section of my portfolio showcases some works I have done on walls. The techniques used are brush and spray.

Maurpark in Berlin

I found my self painting the legal wall in Maurpark Berlin. Painting different subjects and collaborating with other artist to express my art, I love how people passing by like with my painting and are taking pictures in front of it. Kids overall are interacting with my imaginary characters.

Greenpeace Hiroshima anniversary wall

During summer 2020 I collaborated with EME Freethinker to dedicate a building facade to the Hiroshima anniversary. The work was commissioned by Greenpeace Germany.

The room

Painted a room with faces and characters.

Works done in Milan

Wall painting done for Bullz Studio (Milan), rolling gate for Vodafone shop (Milan), Boh Bar indoor wall (Milan), Mistergreen live painting done for Esselunga supermarket Milano Bicocca.


Work done for Dondup apparel brand catwalk during Milan Fashion week.


Work done at Whirpool factory in Barasso (Varese) for the 100th anniversary.

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Macao Hall of Fame

Canvas painting in Macao Milan (new center for art culture and research). The idea was to paint a 30 meters long canvas, to cut it in 280 pieces of 50 and sell it for 25€ each to found raise money to create a screen printing and drawing studio in Macao. 30 artists collaborated together for 2 days to make it happen.

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The making of : Macao Hall of Fame

The Beauty Seed

During “Fuori Salone”, part of Milan Design Week, I took part in the projected created by Paola Navona for Deborah cosmetics by painting the Beauty Seed. The sculture was representing a seed shaped as potato that felt from the sky in the garden of Statale University, the seed is the environment where the beauty company Deborah operates and research.

See also: Paola Navona explains the installation and you can see me painting on top of it.

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