Wood collage

Acrylic writing and painting on wood. Each single piece is done singularly and positioned and glued on a white wooden background. Canvas are sold.

Sustainable collage

When I moved to Berlin I was impressed with the amount of posters and billboards hanging around in the city. Posters after a while, get destroyed or covered by another one. I give them a new life by creating collage with what I find around. The background used is wood ( pieces of closets, drawers etc.) that I found in the streets abandoned.


Recalling the decollages of Mimmo Rotella I have created a serie of canvas. Boards are made entirely by hand, working with acrylics, enamels and spray cans, recreating that idea of torn poster.

Acrylic lettering

Canvas done with acrylic marker displaying various types of lettering

Let’s build something together.